SADFM’s research programs establish the benchmarks for healthcare outcomes and to understand the risk indicators that have a positive or negative effect on theses outcomes. SADFM invite researchers to participate in any of their on-going research projects. Bona fide researchers and researchers that hope to improve their academic qualifications are welcomed in the SADFM’s pool of researchers.

Risk Management

Trauma risk management

Geriatric risk management

General healthcare complications risk management

Psychiatric risk management

Outcomes of Care in the Sub-Acute Environment

Convalescent care

Rehabilitation Palliative care

Psychiatric care

Outcomes of Care in the Home Based Care Environment

Convalescent care

Rehabilitation Palliative care

Wound care

Assisted living


Burden of Care Management in Custodial Environment

People with Intellectual Disabilities (PID)

Chronic psychiatric custodial care and the burden of care

Frail care due to age, trauma and/or disease

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